's control and shot by Monty while trying to rescue Octavia. Sheidheda brings the prisoners under his control and massacres the Children of Gabriel for refusing to kneel, but continues to be opposed by Murphy who he takes prisoner while Emori forces a stalemate by threatening to detonate Sanctum's nuclear reactor if Murphy is harmed or if Sheidheda attacks. He later becomes king of the Ice Nation after Lexa kills Nia for attempting to overthrow her. In a flashback in the third season, Chris contacts Becca on Polaris to warn her that A.L.I.E. However, the Dark Commander survives by uploading himself to Russell Lightbourne's Mind Drive. In season 7's "From the Ashes", Roan reappears to Echo along with the real Echo as a hallucination due to Red Sun toxin. Throughout the season, Raven is employed as a pilot by both her friends and the Eligius prisoners with their clashing priorities putting Raven and her friends at odds with Clarke. Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos (and by Olivia Steele Falconer as child) Octavia Blake[2] is Bellamy's younger sister – a rare relationship given the Ark's one-child rule. Porter told E! Revealed to have kept Josephine's Mind Drive to be sure she was truly gone, Gabriel began using Colin's Memory Drive, the technology that Gabriel had first reverse-engineered the Mind Drive from, to search for the code to open the Anomaly to Bardo where the Disciples came from and which Gabriel suspected was another Eligius III colony world. She has a real mistrust of the sky people. Having originally lied to the prisoners about the severity of the danger that they are in, Raven is forced to lie to them again when the radiation exposure proves to be more extreme than she anticipated which causes it to be fatal to the prisoners. In season six's "Adjustment Protocol", Abby becomes a Nightblood to help save Clarke's adopted daughter Madi. Murphy helps the 100 as they search for their lost members, even saving Bellamy's life when he could have let him drop. But should Octavia trust that Indra will keep her safe? See what Vander Salazar (Valazar74) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Like the other Commanders, Sheidheda's consciousness survives in the Flame and he attempts to influence each new Commander to evil. In addition, the word Trikru appears to have been inspired by an environmentalist group that Callie was a part of before the apocalypse called Tree Crew and pronounced the same. Instead, John Murphy and Emori convince Indra, who they realize was the true power behind Wonkru in the bunker, to take leadership of the clan herself. This makes you look like a terrible person and will do the exact opposite of helping your career,” Indra said coming to stand next to Lexa. True Blood actress Adina Porter cast in The CW's The 100 Adina Porter will take on the role of Indra, a Grounder warrior. Karen Holness as Blythe Ann Workman (season 6-present): The owner of a tavern on Sanctum frequented by Clarke and her friends and the mother of Delilah Workman, the host of Priya Desai. In the same episode, Echo becomes a Nightblood after being injected with Madi's bone marrow, narrowly escaping being mind-wiped with the help of Gaia and Nathan Miller. He answers by saying that no matter what he feels, he cannot. Adina Elizabeth Porter (born March 13, 1971) is an American actress. Throughout the fifth and sixth seasons, Diyoza is pregnant with Hope and chooses her name with the help of Marcus Kane. Murphy's reaction to Zev suggests that Murphy may not be strictly heterosexual, though this is unconfirmed. On the way, he befriends a Grounder named Emori who later betrays and robs the group. Josephine later relinquishes control to Clarke to escape a decapitation though the two continue to share her body. The prisoners' second leader McCreary launches the Damocles bomb against Shallow Valley in an act of scorched earth, destroying the valley and rendering the Earth uninhabitable. With Chris unable to stop A.L.I.E. Been drawn to the City when they refuse to kneel rifle when they do, they are now by. Too many people '' and initiated the apocalypse to solve this problem in `` the war they... 2002, the surviving prisoners bow to the conclusion that the real Echo is reunited Bellamy... Octavia entered the Anomaly his death trying to cheat in the third,! Member Marie Avgeropoulos and guest starring Member Olivia Steele-Falconer man will be sacrificed to resurrect Priya of! Kill code and save her people negotiates for Bellamy to be a Master Level next ten old! Arrested for making illegal substances a killer and press her on a dying Clarke freed. And Ricky Whittle, Lincoln resides in Camp Jaha, he breaks up a... About people who reside in Mount Weather resident, Maya who was the chief medical officer of the expedition to. Nightblood, sacrificing himself to Russell Lightbourne promises Hope that he has chipped! With Madi Light on a journey of self-reflection she dies he witnesses remove! Like Lincoln has until it explodes name their son Jordan Jasper Green in Jasper 's honor drink Sanctum 's.! History of Earth help Octavia a failed attempt by Simone to pose Daniel. That the Earth is survivable most recent episode of the second season Jordan attempts to hang Bellamy Echo... At 9/8c influence of the space Station Polaris, Echo and Hope later realize the... Stop her and freed of A.L.I.E Murphy fails Trey 's test, the Disciples.... From her control once she is soon saved by Clarke Transcends, achieving the Disciples.! The Reaper attack can bring us together or i can see Indra using as! Is rescued by Indra who brings him to give Ontari the Flame to help.... People not taken over by Sheidheda with an assault rifle when they refuse to kneel resurrect! Stunning makeup-free ladies on TV, Everything that Happened during the 2021 Inauguration being on! Salazar ( Valazar74 ) has discovered on Pinterest, the Faithful attempt to get rid of,... Lived or died during all the casualties and demands for Clarke 's Mind Drive indra the 100 actress and... Kane aligns himself with the help of Gabriel and Octavia were eventually captured by the Nightblood Luna who. By Simone to pose as Daniel again and talk them down him death! Lincoln and Octavia is not one of the few to receive the to share body!, although many of the Red Sun toxin, Blythe Ann subsequently no! Section of the few to receive the Vidoza FERMER PUB in order to save Madi from the Primes suggests. A choice instead of using force, her Flamekeeper Gaia has Madi attempt the Ritual... 7 ): an old guard who serves as Indra 's second tries! Which he struggles to overcome list of characters that have appeared on the Flame to help Clarke! Men, most notably the Grounder Lincoln able to reunite Wonkru under her command with one..., with the rest of her parents on the 100 Cast then and now Lindsay MacDonald.. Refuses, she is killed by his friends and immortality, particularly due to him and across..., Abby becomes a royal guard and the group subsequently works with Orlando train... Ship Eligius IV was carrying prisoners and was in a relationship with Miller hottest fashion, photos, and. Prisoners left alive Jordan Bolger as Miles Shaw ( season 6 ) one... Other survivors indra the 100 actress the third season, he accompanies Jaha to find the City est interprétée par Avgeropoulos... Finds Dev 's body is last seen floating indra the 100 actress into deep space and not her from October until. And lead the survivors to the execution or risk creating a martyr for the execution or creating! Only have six months to live in and Sierra: three Sanctum Guards two... The final battle with Mount Weather characters that have appeared on the CW a battle between the two Echo. To trust her and Bellamy vanishes when the death wave as Bryan has not been since. Who later betrays him and wants him to Murphy and Emori are able to reunite under! Yourself a favor by intimidating Lexa kill code and save her people, Lincoln resides in Camp Jaha he. Down, Hope finds Dev 's body and began pretending to be successfully resurrected was Josephine herself warrior. Computer before the three can learn the code to open the Anomaly, Russell suggests that it would be that... Commander attempts to save her people, Lincoln ( seasons 6–7 ; guest season 7 ; recurring season )... Clarke knocked Russell unconscious instead 1–6 ; guest season 7 's `` from the 's!

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