Titleist T100-S Irons are forged player's cavity golf clubs designed to give you control, precision, and maximum distance with every shot. In terms of forgiveness, it was lacking from the T100s but that’s what I expect. I play Taylormade P790s because iI love the look . More than 1/2 a degree off, and onto the non-conforming pile you go. From the Tour's best to the best in your foursome, Titleist irons are designed to help discerning players at every level go lower than ever before. TODAY THEIR ARE MANUFACTURES WITH 43* PITCHING WEDGES. The idea behind a club is to produce a god shot. It’s not broken, but let’s fix it anyway. The T100 inspires daring, imaginative play with precise distance, Tour-level shaping and signature Titleist feel. So that’s why 7 irons are jacked up to about 27 degrees because you won’t see much difference by looking at peak height. But in all reality, I would suggest that you test older clubs out and compare. So that was loft jacking… It’s nice that Titleist has come up with another option for players who need lower dynamic loft to fight spin/launch issues. I care whether the club I hit helps me get the ball on the green. The T100•S is almost exactly like the T100, except that the lofts are 2° stronger. 3D Printing adds a whole new dimension for Cobra, Ping return with the smallest G irons we've ever seen. My solution is a simple one! Co-forged dual-density tungsten (with an average of 66g placed in the heel and toe of the mid and long irons) delivers exceptional stability. I’ll hit the club that suits the shot i want to hit, and if a slightly stronger loft (as the T100s are only 2′ stronger than the original AP2 loft anyway) helps me to achieve that more consistently then great. It’s not as if Viktor Hovland and Matthew Wolff – young guns who make Jordan Spieth look like Phil Mickelson with skinnier calves – are betting their success on a transition from what they’ve always played into loft-deficient irons. 卓越した弾道コントロール性能、進化したフェースプロファイル、そして感性を満たす打感・打音。 タイトリスト ツアーアイアンのベネフィットに、高い飛距離性能をプラスして誕生し … STRIKE FROM FURTHER The fully-forged construction of T100S, with 2 of stronger loft than our T100 Irons, creates a solid, consistently controllable club that delivers the exact performance, and greater distance, better players demand. This article is an introduction to the T-Series irons, the latest evolution in the ultra-successful lineage of technology-packed performance irons from Titleist. Can Titleist's new ball live up to some very bold claims? as it’s been all my life. But a recent sim test session of a strong lofted iron showed huge distance and high launch. It’s not about the club it’s all about kicking a dead horse. Would’ve had zero issued continuing with the T100 as they are lovely irons and the best I’ve played, but really believe these will help to improve my game just by having a little less loft – regardless of how far I’m hitting each club. SEVERAL YEARS AGO I PLAYED WILSON STAFF – PITCHING WEDGE LOFT 50* just how far the irons go. http://www.golfwrx.com/author/tomwishon/ Now there has been enough argument about lower CG in irons so that the static loft have to drop to counter that have we seen any serious in depth tests done? & sometimes use it off the tee.. I PLAY AP2 2014 IRONS – PITCHING WEDGE LOFT STATES 50* Case in point: A year ago, the T100•S would have been totally out of character for Titleist but if you’ve been keeping up with the new (and improved) version, it makes perfect sense. “We have a robust wedge business.”. Titleist T100S irons: The technology. Nobody complains about lower-lofted drivers because everyone understands that loft is an essential fitting variable. Retail Price for the Titleist T100•S Iron is $175/club ($1,399/8-piece set) with steel shafts and $187.50/$1,499 with graphite. t100의 정확도, t200의 비거리, t300의 관용성으로 t … To overcome that and provide playable trajectories (higher peak heights, steeper landing angles with stopping power) you need more dynamic loft. Compared to the T200 however which is the next iron up in the T-Series, my dispersion was less consistent. No more raised pitchfork while I bemoan strong lofts. I enjoyed experimenting with the T100S irons and looking down on a beautifully crafted forged iron. Why loft-jack a better player’s iron? Another consideration is that there is a new generation of golfers making their way to the PGA Tour, guys who have never played anything other than jacked lofts. Your swing speed is slow compared to a PGA tour pro. Loft does not equal distance. I happen to be very familiar with Wishon and he is arguing a point nobody made. At a price tag of $1,200, we’d recommend an older model of the Titleist CB sets unless you hate money. Hi Thomas, are you sure you’re not referring to the W wedge, stock loft at 50*? Titleist T100S Irons Review. That goes for my 8 iron and pitching wedge. Not that many years ago the pitching wedge standard was 48 degrees and a little before that the PW was 50 degrees. Also if you do strike the ball well and want to hit the ball slightly further (about half a club) this is another easy way to do that without losing feel or resorting to a bigger head like the T200 or T300 iron models. What’s the difference? a “7.25 iron”? This iron is designed to help the best players score lower. 13 time PGA Tour winner's putter now available! I think this is a great idea by them. You cannot fault Titleist for trying to cater for every possible type of golfer with it's T-Series range. Golfers that are not as good, or don’t care to shot shape as much, and are looking for something more forgiving, can get the benefits of distance AND a decent launch and decent angle to hold more greens with their irons. The T100S will retail for $175 per club in steel ($1,400 for a set of eight). It's everything you would expect from a forged Titleist iron. People keep on talking about peak height which stays about the same from your wedge to your 7 and 6 and will start dropping depending on club speed around 5 iron of 26 degrees of loft. The T100S irons are 2 degrees stronger and a thinner club face for maximum distance. We've taken the most popular irons on the PGA Tour and carefully engineered them to maximise distance. The point I need to convey as that while the T100•S has the same bones – the same look and feel of the T100 – the internal tungsten weights were reshaped to shift the center-of-gravity locations lower to provide optimal launch with less loft. The real reason I think here that could be considered is I see many reviews on you tube and in general where people feel the T100’s spin quite a bit at traditional loft and traditional type shaft. The Titleist T100 irons offer better players who like the look of blades with more forgiveness and a lot of options. I could read some of these dummies call each other out, all day long. This is more due to an aging golfer population, but I am just as much for playing traditional game improvement irons and yet I can still play as well with the traditional lofts. Titleist T400 Iron Review. No prizes for guessing what the 'S' stands for then - strong. Would all players be forced to carry exactly the same equipment? So I suggest doing a little reading & research on the clubs we use ( & buy) to play this wonderful game that we all Love no matter how Good or Bad we are @ it! No. The reason I stopped playing AP2’s is that I had to bend them 1-2 degrees strong to get my spin down, but then the offset was too much and I aimed everything left. Photos of the new 2019 and 2020 Titleist T100 irons. Why should Titleist sit on the sidelines and let Callaway and Taylormade scam all the suckers? Looking at this one dimensionally at loft being just a number on the bottom of the club will literally tell you nothing. If you can see the 2 degrees difference in loft strength than you have better eyes than me. No worse lofts than the AP3s except the 4* gap starts at 6i to7i instead of 7i to 8i. Long ago, there was a time when the loft of player’s irons and GI and SGI irons had the same loft iron for iron. Tony, I am confused by your comment that a player loses something with jacked “lofts.” When I have 150 yards to the green, I am likely to be hitting a club with a combination of length, loft, etc., that will get me 150 yards, not a specific club whether it is a 6 iron, a 7 iron or whatever. I eas as hope for a bit more distance so I tweaked the clubs 6,7,8 and 9 . Simple findings really - the further I hit it, the more chance I have of hitting it off target. “Think of it as a player’s distance iron with all caps on the word PLAYER’S,” says Josh Talge, Titleist’s VP of Golf Club Marketing. The difference in yardage carried between the T100S and T400 was the same both indoors on the simulator and on the course. Let along from Titleist, the most prestigious company in golf. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As a 70 year old I find it interesting that I hit 2 clubs less from 150 yards than I did 30+ years ago. What a stupid and obviously uninformed comment, why not make them all exactly the same material, construction, shap, size, CoG. This is a great number for me and 6 yards further than my furthest hit with the T100 iron. Key Technology. Will try them and see how they perform. They did this at same time as bringing out two bladed iron models in the 620 CB and MB. I don’t carry a 4 iron anymore and replace it with a hybrid. Rick Hatfield, head g If you don't catch it out of the meat of this club, you're going to lose distance. The Titleist T200 irons are also very good looking, offering similar launch and spin characteristics.. We will now take a deeper look at the technical specs of each set, and summarize what most reviewers are saying about them. I have this set and I Like the feel and turf interaction. I’m sure there’s a reason you only alluded to it. To see if the tweaks Titleist have made to create the T100S have really been worthwhile, and Titleist being Titleist, I had to get fitted for all of the the irons in the range first. The T100S reminded me a little of when I reviewed the Mizuno MP-20 iron range last year. Add an S, and you’ve still got a T100, but you’re sure as hell going to get more distance. I play Callaway Apex CF16 and these have even stronger lifts than those. The T100 is the most used iron on the PGA Tour and though the T100S does go a little further it was probably still too tough for me to hit consistently at my speed. Mostly jacking lofts are for ego and not because you can hit the ball that far. If the distance increases and the height is still there then I’m changing my attitude. I really don’t care what is marked on the club or what loft it is. Alex. That would be interesting. The Ping i500 irons are beautiful player-distance irons that deliver a high launch, low spin and impressive distance.. When Titleist offers an 8.5° driver head, nobody shakes their fists and yells at a cloud about how they have a 10.5° driver in their bag and that they are sick of these sons-of-bitches loft-jacking the big dog. All it means is that instead of playing a 3 iron to pitching wedge, we are now playing a 4 iron to gap wedge with traditional 3 iron to pitching wedge lofts. Just my experience and opinion over the years I’ve been playing this great game! My biggest concern is hitting enough driver so I can hit a 150 yard club into the green on par 4’s. We put the T100 and latest model of the Titleist CB irons against each other on the launch monitor. I love the feel of my KZG forged irons they feel like hitting thru soft butter. Great feel and surprising levels of performance. T300 might be better for you if you are looking for foregiveness, SO MUCH FOR LOFT JACKING However, we still know how many hours you have to work to be able to pay for a $900 iron set like the Titleist T300 irons.As a result, we can’t recommend this set unless your budget simply isn’t an issue at all. Let’s get started. If this is you, money is no object and you're in the market for some shiny new sticks that will last a lifetime, then look no further. Stronger-lofted irons may require a fresh look at gapping, some reconfiguration of the bag and perhaps even an extra wedge.

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