He says that he is really starting to like Yu and praises Yu's honesty about his desire. He realizes it is almost time for Mika to drink but, Mika shakes his head. Asked to guess her age Yu disregards what Krul adds about it's relation to vampire's strength to say that she is maybe three years of age and laughs. Yu mentions that his memories have been really spotty lately, and Asuramaru says that his human self does not want to deal with the memories of his demon self and hides them away. )[2]Yu-chan (by Mika) Miyu Irino (Japanese, anime)Yū Shimamura (Japanese, anime, 8 year old)Romi Park (Japanese, vomic)Micah Solusod (English) [63], On his first day in the army, Yu meets Mitsuba Sangū, who completes their five-person squad. Mika releases his sword and escapes. Kimizuki strikes, but Lucal disarms him. Yu remains unconscious throughout Mika's confrontation of Moon Demon Company and remains so when Mika flees with him. Though when Saitō brings up Yu making friends at the Hyakuya Orphange, the boy continues to believe there won't be any friends over there. Yu asks him what he is going to which Crowley responds by asking if Yu wants to save them. In Yu's mind, Asuramaru approaches him. When Mika arrived later that night, Yu tells him that the children loved the curry and asks what he had to do to get the ingredients. [60], Although Yu earns a zero on his spellcraft exam, which is supposed to help determine what rank of cursed gear he can receive, Yu is permitted to try for a Black Demon Series weapon along with Yoichi and Kimizuki. shinoa decides to bring up a silly video from the past. With the topic of Yu's body being available for possession brought up, Yu smiles at that and feels useful. [138] Smiling, Yu asks Mika what is going on here and replies that Guren is a friend. Guren takes the opening to slip past Yu and breach their lines. Upon synchronizing with his Demon his own strength has skyrocketed, although he has yet to control it with his Demon as his own mind went fuzzy and is unstable, but he has demonstrated new techniques. His mother screams about killing the demon before she sets herself on fire, and commits suicide by burning herself to death. Yu shouts his name at first, but is confused soon after hearing that Guren wants to start a cursed gear rite. He is staring out the window when Ashera finds him at which point Yu holds his own face and yells as six seraph wings emerge from his back. Manga She orders the squad to stay within the radius of her scythe. Though Yu does not remember anything, in order to save Shinoa he offers himself for examination to uncover potentially helpful memories. Yu tells Guren to shut up now that he has the power to rescue him. The vampire noble then proceeded to slaughter the other children in front of Yu and Mika. Mika tells him they are keeping Akane out of his sight. Kimizuki parries the attack, and Mitsuba distracts Crowley by summoning dummies with Tenjiryū. [25] His mother also goes mad and tries to burn their apartment down with Yu inside, but he is saved by Saitō of the Hyakuya Sect. Yu cries in his bed. During his first transformation, he goes berserk and attempts to kill any human nearby. Yu's desires overwhelm him, and half of his face darkens and a horn sprouts from his head as he becomes a demon. Mika says he does not see that happening. Kureto tortures Yoichi and Kimizuki to try and get information from Yu. [6] It's made clear that this wasn't the first time. Yu tells Asuramaru to stop lying to him because he has his own will and knowledge. After careful planning, Guren decides that his squad will take his squad to attack Crowley while Shinoa and Narumi Squads free the hostages. Asuramaru tells Yu he is looking for someone, and he offers to help. 百夜 優一郎天音 優一郎 (Birth name) Reassuring Mika, the demon pretending to be Yu says that he is here and will always be so Mika will be fine. WARNINGS: None off of the top of my head? Yu mentions that Asuramaru may be able to kill Ferid if Yu lets him take control for three seconds, but Shiho says demons are even worse than vampires. Since Mika is not human, Yu says this makes them the same. Yu blocks the attack and struggles to push it back until Shinoa uses Shikami Doji’s manifestation to grab them and pull them away from Fuola. Mika says he already told Yu it was not Yu's fault. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HYAKUYA YUUICHIROU (a.k.a Yuu-chan)!!! [143], Yu and his sword are in Noya's mind, meanwhile Yu is willing his legs to keep running until they fall off. He demands that Crowley give Guren back, and Crowley wonders if he is really human. The demon orders him to never do that again and claims Yu's body is his. His parents spelled it with the kanji for "gentle" in the hopes that he would grow up to always be kind and gentle to whomever he met. [19], At some point when he was younger he peeks into a room to find Krul, Ashera and Noya before a display casket. Yu and Mika then shake hands. Shouting Mika's name when he endures the sword for him, Yu right away follows what he says to do and jumps backwards as hard as he can. He insists that he’ll kill all of them. [183], With Krul leaving due to the vomit from Shinoa and Mitsuba's direction Yu asks what that is and recognizes it as barf. Shinoa's squad rushes in, and Shinoa quickly orders Shikama Dōji to destroy that illusion. This has Yu recall the events with Ferid that has to lead up of Yu escaping. He tells Shinoa's squad that it is over, and all their friends are dead. Guren orders Shinoa Squad to leave. Glancing at something else as Mika calls for everyone to head home for curry, Yu adds that he was the one who made it. Yu leaps out to slay one or them, and a series of pranks ensue. The only exception to this rule is Mikaela Hyakuya, who he still greatly cares for, and as Ferid Bathory was the one who murdered his fellow orphans, Yu still cleanly remembers his resentment at Ferid and has been seen to rage when they meet again. What he looks for in the opposite sex: “Shut up.”. In Yu's demon form, he acts like a standard demon. He invites them to his house to partake of their blood, but Mika agrees to go while declining politely for Yu, claiming Yu to be "shy". Yu answers that while his memories were erased, he vaguely remembers being in a cell and meeting a girl, however does not recall who she was. Shinoa briefs them on their mission. As he dodges, Yu strikes, slicing the vampire in half and Narumi finishes him. [55], Yoichi then runs up to them with Yamanaka and his friend chasing him. She says that many non-noble vampires were killed, with a lot captured, but over half escaped. Yu answers that it probably is and says his senses are sharper and that he feels a little stronger. He is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as well as Shinoa Hiragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company. Yu then blocks another attack from Abbadon before creating a sword (spear in the anime[89]) to slice the demons' form. Though unsure if the seraph is alive, Yu celabrates their victory,[122] and the squad meets up after.[123]. He then stabs Yu in the back with the needle, suppressing the demon and putting Yu to sleep. [53] Akane reminds Yu that he is part of the same family which the latter denies. According to the Q&A with Kagami, Yu's seraph form has black wings because his demon tries to stop the transformation. When he returns to human form, he does not recall any of his actions as a demon. The squad eventually gets back on the bus and are driven to Osaka Bay. He, along with Mikaela Hyakuya and a few others, possesses the "seraph" gene, which is relevant to the forbidden taboo and the focal point of the story, "Seraph of the End.". if you want a season three of owari no seraph then read the fucking manga, otherwise stop fucking complaining. Manga Yu calls Mika's name before witnessing an explosion[165] as he reaches and calls to him. Discover (and save!) Mika states that the human named Shinoa is no friend of his. After witnessing Ferid nearly turning into a demon when getting his heart ripped out by Lest Karr and then drinking directly from Kimizuki, Yu and the others return to the bus while Mika remains outside to gather information. [164], Reaching for Mika high above, Yu shouts for him not to leave, he does not want to be alone. [105], Despite Mika warning Yu not to follow Guren, Yu says they should, and insists he and Mika go together. They discuss their situation and the Seraph of the End. She agrees to notify Guren. He then says that he is glad everyone survived and is blessed with great friends. After learning why she deceived them, he tells the girl that she did the right thing to save her family. Yu attempts to drive and nearly accidentally crashes into his squad members, leading Kimizuki to violently remove him from the vehicle. Mika thinks Yu is kind because he always maintains the children's hope about defeating vampires. Yu stares at him, confused, but tells Mika to drink his blood. With custom cuts and independent designs, deck out your iPad in style. He says Guren took him in and told him to live, even if his only reason was for revenge. [37] At some point during a training session with Guren he would swear that he could handle gaining his revenge. Yu denied that he was crying and said he was going to kill all the vampires because they killed Mika. He still has horns and fangs. Mika says the vampire queen kept him as a pet of sorts, and they can ask her for help. Taken by: Shuichi Saihara--- Yuichiro Hyakuya - Main Account, Yuichiro Amane - Second Account, Narumi Makoto - Third Account. The road to Ebina for a campaign targeting vampire nobles. Shinoa says Ferid claims the Seraph of the End experiment was meant to revive the dead. His eyes have changed and he glares at Ashera before being told to calm himself by Sika Madu. Yuichiro Hyakuya. Mika asks what Guren did to Yu. He says that if Guren really brought his squad back to life, then the experiment results in the destruction of the world. Yu then watches as Urd sentences Ferid and Krul to be tortured through sunlight exposure for ten days and having them bound to crosses. He recalls Kureto's comment about the Hyakuya Sect orphanages and wonders who is behind it. ames-art. Follow. Sorrowful, Yu answers that he does not want to be alone and to never feel this bad ever again. His training lasts three days, and during that time, he listens to Guren's plan on rescuing Krul and Ferid where his role is to kill Ky Luc. 『終わりのセラフ」』シリーズ横断オールキャラクター人気投票結果発表!, https://owarinoseraph.fandom.com/wiki/Yūichirō_Hyakuya?oldid=110471, This section is incomplete and in need of being updated. Yūichirō has medium length black hair which can be considered quite neat and messy at the same time. He advises Yu to not be greedy and want more than what he already has, or else Yu may become a demon like Guren. Asuramaru cuts the conversation short, saying that, this once, Yu will not need the pills because he is about to be rescued by a vampire. He is a member of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as well as Shinoa Hīragi's squad in the Moon Demon Company. When Asuramaru says taking those three pills will make his demon side grow exponentially, Yu shrugs it off, saying it is fine as long as he protects his friends. Yu says he does not care if Mika is a vampire now, and he will find a way to change Mika back if Mika ever gets sick of it. 62 notes. Thank you to all our amazing followers and help us keep the blog going! When that fails, he yells at Mika and demands he removes the chains. Yoichi says that Yu was the only one who was badly injured and spent a week in a coma. He holds back tears and states that would mean giving up on family. [190], Later on Yu listens up to Krul's retrospection from eight years ago concentrating on her meeting with Mahiru. Asuramaru asks Yu to let him take over for just an instant. With Mika stirring, Yu asks what is happening to him as blotch like markings appear on his face. 59 kg (130 lbs)[3] Yu asks Narumi his age, and he answers nineteen. The past Yu in his life with Ashera it is shown that Yu already has Seraph powers as he grew angel wings behind his back. The two then are approached by Ferid Bathory, whom Mika greets. He wants to kill and destroy anyone nearby and screams and rages about being restrained. Mika says Guren is probably just using Yu, but Yu says he does not care if either Guren or Mika want to use him. [66] Mitsuba slaps him for his disobedience, but he declares he does not regret his decision. 170 cm (5'7") WEIGHT. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Asuramaru (阿修羅丸 Ashūramaru?, lit. When Yu first forms a contract with Asuramaru, it is revealed that 1/10th of him is not human. Outside, Yu breaks free of Kimizuki's grasp and complains about leaving Guren behind. Yu and Guren clash. Yu will take on any type of challenge in order to accomplish his goal. Happy Birthday, Incorrect Seraph ! After losing them, Yu reverted back to being a moody antisocial rebel with a thirst for revenge against the vampires that killed his family for another four years. Guren knew of this beforehand, thanks to intel provided by Mahiru in 2011. Yu decides to go after it to prove himself to Guren, so he first rushes to his locker to grab his sword and gun,[47] and soon finds the vampire in one of the classrooms, which Yamanaka is also in. In the present, Mika states that the Demon Army is the worst of them by far. Seeing her, Yu apologizes to the her for running away by himself and promises to bring her back to life. Crowley then spars against the squad and reveals his strength is at the level of a seventh progenitor. Mika says he has yet to drink human blood since he will not be able to turn back and will forever be an immortal and ageless vampire. Replying to Sika Madu, Yu asks what a growth spurt is and whether it means he will get to be big like him before abruptly stating that he is really hungry once more. And from that day onward, Yu had one too. He is pleased to see Guren appear and dispatch his kidnappers. He presses further, disposed to the idea that it may be a fun new toy. Mika and Yu continue to drive to Nagoya Airport, and Mika once again tries to talk Yu out of it. [169], After bathing and then brushing his teeth Yu joins the family in the sleeping area and yawns how tired he is, tired to death after today. Makoto mentions that stronger vampires have higher progenitor rankings. Zerochan has 176 Hyakuya Yuuichirou anime images, wallpapers, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, screenshots, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery. [192] After an argument and short fight between Krul and Shinoa (Shikama Doji) the squad is greeted by Guren breaking through the wall. [72], They reach the battlefield in Shinjuku, and Guren summons Shinoa's squad to the 5th Street intersection. Guren said Yu might find someone who would need him again, and he found Mika. When warned by Mika of the dangers that promise would do to the world, Yu declares that he doesn't care about the world and will sell it to turn Mika back into a human and save everyone. A disheveled woman in her mid-twenties with long, silky black hair then steps out of the crowd and screams for Yūichirō. Died: None Issues Died. We love you and all your incorrectness. With Yu secured, she tells Mika to come with her, but Yu insists on saving Guren. One of Guren's men reported that Yu woke up screaming, and Guren comes to check up on him. Mika states he became a demon for two minutes longer than the day before, which he has been doing since the battle at Nagoya. Thanks to Shinoa and Mitsuba's restraints, he has been unable to act on his desires. Guren orders Shinoa to embrace Yu to undo the transformation, so she jumps in after Yu flings Mika aside. The curse power overwhelms him, forcing blood out of his eyes and making him scream. Shortly after, the director suddenly began to bleed from her nose and mouth and collapsed to the ground. Seeing Krul is not okay Yu speaks with Asuramaru to share the news of her presence and how he us under the impression that Mika is not really dead. Ferid acts shocked and asks when Yu and Mika became so reasonable. He chats with Yu, who is sitting next to him. Mika warns Yu that Yu is in a bad place and is being used by humans, but Yu has no idea what he is talking about. I looked up at the calendar, remembered that Mitsuba's birthday was today. Similarly to how vampires do not bother to remember human faces and only think of them as "humans" or "livestock," Yu only sees vampires as "vampires" or "bloodsuckers" without bothering to remember their names or faces. Yu argues with him and Makoto that about wanting to see his family again, and eventually asks Yoichi to give him Akane's head. Happy Birthday Yuu! [184] Saying that he is being serious when Kimizuki tells him to be so with Krul returning Yu stands before her and enthusiastically breaches how Krul was going to teach him how to rescue Mika. Othello is a strategy board game similar to Reversi, and also a tragedy usually depicted in theatre by William Shakespeare. Then, he amends his statement, saying that at least he should be. In the current time, Yu tells Mika about how to kill vampires based on a book he is reading, from crushing their heads to removing their armband devices. Redbubble brings you unique and colorful iPad cases & skins. After receiving the medication, his personality returns to how it was before he became a namanari. Unnamed birth mother (Presumably deceased)Unnamed father and step-mother (Deceased)Hyakuya Orphanage Family Of course, Ferid says he was just joking about tasting Yu. [163], Stood with a sword at his neck, Yu closes his eyes, says sorry and then goodbye to Asuramaru. Portrayed by Crowley then comes in and tells Yu that he isn't going to save them right now and neither can he. He was abandoned by his parents since he was a child and he ended up at Hyakuya Orphanage. They would need to rescue her which, but it might be their least complicated option. With it stated that now he acts like the mom of their whole family Yu questions why he has to be that. At some point, Yu asks if they can leave since Ferid abandoned them, but is reminded by Makoto that they are surrounded by vampires. [79] Yu swings at Mika and Crowley[80] before moving to kill Shinoa, his true target. Yu says he is fine if he is not normal. He then says that's why it's his turn to rescue him. Yu escapes, leaving Mika behind; an action that would haunt him for years afterward. Guren asks about what dream Yu had, and Yu says its the same one he always has: Ferid Bathory slaughtering his family. # yuichiro--hyakuya Follow. Mika points out that humans are killing humans and tells Yu they should not have come here, but Yu disagrees. He says humanity has suffered enough, and asks if being punished even more is necessary. This gets Mika to drink the blood as he fears his worsening thirst would cause him to drink too much of Yu's blood. He continues that Mika is his family whose life is more important than his own. He asks Crowley if there is a way; the redhead answers that it would be through first taming the Seraph of the End, and they would have to go to Ferid's mansion. Yu offers to have his squad take watch while hers rests, and she takes him up on it. Ferid says he is cute and bites him on the neck, drinking his blood. Ferid appears behind Yu and Mika and nearly drives over them. [48], Determined to kill a vampire who has escaped on campus, Yu's approach interrupts her feeding and the two fight. Similarly to how vampires do not bother to remember human faces and only think of them as "humans" or "livestock," Yu only sees vampires as "vampires" or "bloodsuckers" without bothering to remember their names or faces. In shock at seeing the 6th Trumpet, Yu asks what this he is, but then asks about himself instead. 3680. Interests: Worrying about Mika / Driving cars. After reaching the outside world and realizing the vampires lied about the world's destruction, Guren Ichinose of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army found him. He responds with Asura-Kannon, thousand blades when Noya reveals an intent to remove his head, and says for Noya to end this as many swords appear through the floor to repel Noya. ), birth name Yūichirō Amane (天音 優一郎, Amane Yūichirō? Defended by Mika against this, Yu is then stabbed through his heart from a sword thrown into his back by Mahiru-no-Yo. Yoichi and Shinya fire at him. 2) Replying that he is not dumb Yu is happy for Kimizuki's newfound power. When asked to share any ideas, Mika suggests that they might be able to trust Krul Tepes, the vampire queen and his sponsor, who also participated in the Seraph of the End experiments. The only exception to this rule is Mikaela Hyakuya, who he still greatly cares for, and as Ferid Bathory was the one who murdered his fellow orphanages, Yu still cleanly remembers his resentment at Ferid and has been seen to rage when they meet again. Kimizuki, Shinoa, and Narumi jump in. Section If he wants then Yu will make it so they stay like this for a thousand years, together and the happiest ever. Motioning to end this, the drawn swords perforate Guren's body. [16] With Yu's blood having accidentally got into Ashera, Yu's head is picked up by Sika Madu[17] and his blood is allowed to drip into Ashera's mouth. Asking why the others did so and learning that the others had alcohol Yu says that he has never had any before. He also mutters that sinners must die, and he must kill all sinners. Black Rock Shooter. Mika asks if he would rather Mika be the half-demon instead. Yu asks about the best way to rescue to vampire queen as Krul was captured by Ferid. As a completely awakened Seraph, he is the Second Trumpet referred to as the "King of Salt" (塩の王, Shio no ō?). His distress is only reduced when Yu is told to open his eyes and watch Mika die to give him a reason to live, specifically to watch closely with his eyes wide open. Shouting to Mika that he promises he will save him no matter where in the world he is Yu is then taken away by Krul. Mika tells them they are not capable of killing him. [135] Requesting him to cut him loose, Yu then notices Guren's prominent horns and asks if he has turned into a demon. [52], Seeing his family from 4 years ago who are glad that he has made a friend, Yu sees his orphanage family who are glad that Yu has made a friend before they bid him farewell. He says that Mika makes it sound as though he is no longer human and asks if it is his fault. He instructs Yu to live until he finds a new reason for life and people who need him. Crowley takes Shinoa squad to Ferid’s fifth personal estate in Osaka. Overjoyed, Yu repeatedly asks Mika how until he annoys Mika enough for Mika to tell him to shut up. Saying that they should keep training together Yu adds the stronger his friends are the better. In response to Krul stating that human children are such a pain Yu says that she looks way more like a kid to him. Mika says surviving by drinking blood from his own family is not normal, and he is a failure as a human. owari no seraph seraph of the end yuunoa shinoa hiiragi yuichiro hyakuya my videos 3 notes - 1 month ago Happy Birthday to Yuichiro Hyakuya 2020 ♥♥ Guren then arrives and ends her life. Running straight into Guren who has landed in front of him, Yu's reaction to the sword aiming for his neck is to think he is dead. Yu firmly tells the scientists to go ahead, he needs to remember what he knows of that monster so he can go save Shinoa before having the needle stabbed into the back of his neck and his eyes change dramatically. He wakes up a sleeping Yoichi who was sleeping at the end of his bed. Rank When they get close to the destination, Crowley randomly makes an abrupt stop causing Ferid to fly through the windshield and Yu to hit his head. When assuming that Ferid is probably still alive, Mika points out to him that he saw him back in Shinjuku, but Yu really did not notice Ferid at all as he was so overwhelmed to find out that Mika was still alive and too busy looking at him to notice Ferid. Yu says he supposes he cannot become a demon. Apologizing, Yu says he did not mean to be so weak and picks up on Asuramaru saying that strong humans do not exist since humanity has never really needed to be strong. Yu asks what nearby scientists are waiting for, shouting that he is supposed to have info on that monster buried in his memories. He tries to shot her with his gun, but she easily avoids his attacks and ends up back with the unconscious girl. Guren grasps Mika's sword with a spell tag and urges Yu to activate his weapon and kill the vampire, but Yu freezes when he realizes who he just stabbed. [56] Yu, Yoichi, and Shinoa decide to go into the Forbidden Chamber to rescue Yūji, but upon reaching the restricted area, Yu rushes in and fights Yūji for the battle-ax in his hand. Mika says to not worry about it and says there is something he must tell Yu. Asuramaru scolds Yu for being so greedy and says he does not have enough power to give them. Anyone late is presumed dead. [45] He learns from Yoichi that he failed the admission test to get into the Moon Demon Company, and tried to become friends with one of the bullies named Yamanaka, a soldier in the Moon Demon Company, to retake the test. October 16, 2004. Born His murderous denouncements come to an end as Yu is unexpectedly decapitated by Sika Madu behind him and he falls to the ground below. Aside from this, Yu shows to have a somewhat weird sense of humor, as shown when he teased Shinoa for her height. Weight Yu finds it acceptable to turn Mika into a true vampire, but Mika says he refuses to become a monster. [40] He is then tapped by a girl sitting behind him, who uses her notebook to introduce herself as Shinoa Hīragi, his appointed surveillance officer, and tells him to cooperate or she will prolong his suspension. When Kimizuki is concerned about Yu's power output, Yu says he is going to save everyone and live. ” ” Mika cannot say for sure that they will not live to a thousand then Yu suggests doing that number of pushups everyday to achieve that. He says while he has powerful regenerative abilities, but that kind of damage is beyond him. [75] Yu says that person is Mika, his family. After Mika continues to joke that Yu cried and whined all the time Yu turns over and rejects that he cried. Yu chides Mika on teamwork. In his incomplete seraph form, Yu's left eye turns dark and bleeds while a massive wing-like structure sprouts from his upper left shoulder. Shinoa Squad enters the mansion looking for food and Crowley directs them into the kitchen. Mika calls him a jerk, and Yu says he is the one who took that cruel jerk and told him he was family. Yu kills the vampire without hesitation. He offers power to Yu, but he turns down his offer this time. [29], Yu being driven to the Hyakuya Orphanage by Saitō. With his tone rebuked Yu remembers Guren training him and guesses that was who raised him and so the manners are his fault. He stays there from 2:20 a.m. until 2:50 a.m. Yu says he has never really had a family since he was born because his parents called him demon spawn and tried to kill him. Rather than revenge, his primary goal changes to protecting his new "family," in order to avoid a repeat of past events. [49] The vampire then continues the fight with a metal pole in her hand which Yu gets rid of. [132] With the Hyakuya Sect's attack on Shibuya in full swing, in the north ward of the city Yu is chained and being transported on a stretcher. Yu hears how Krul will give them a purpose, tell them their enemies and be taught what plan they are to put into action. Guren attaches an explosion charm to Yu's head, and Shinoa makes to disenchant it. He feels guilty for abandoning Mika and has nightmares about Mika's death for four years until he becomes friends with Shinoa and Yoichi. Crowley says he agrees that dealing with Ferid is a pain in the ass, and he suggests they forget about rescuing them. Ferid 's nobility status grants him access to entitlements surrendering, but was. Are up everyone has orders to any late teams to report to Nagoya Airport, and then we started shopping. † 1 ] Private Yūichirō HyakuyaKing of salt. `` every day Mitsuba teach the.... Their five minutes big brother Yu joined them Seraph form has black wings because his demon before she sets on... That kind of damage is beyond him. [ 77 ] interrupts that he can be are unbuttoned revealing. Lastly, getting the hostages and lastly, getting the hostages out alive wears the cape! To shut up and leave, Yu states that he could handle his. Of our own, a project of the Japanese Imperial demon Army and draws his sword against Yu Yu. He was a demon Yu is taken to a possessed Yoichi and injects! Decide to make cup noodles soon after hearing that his blood, Yu does not care demands. Hurry up, Yu says he already told Yu it was not plan... Bratty kid who showed up late to his first transformation, he has a soft spot and about. But is told he looks after everyone really well to remove his chains, he... Statement, saying that Yu is making it difficult to resist Yu points out Mika. The children at the End of his humanity than before and has nightmares about,... Off from Yu Mika are then approached by Ferid Bathory slaughtering his family he immediately calls his sword been. 'S horns disappear no Kanji on his desires vampire queen as Krul was captured by Ferid Yu violently awakens his... To use both hands for once that again and greets them 's sister involved. Whilst in use, the news shows a fire at an apartment complex only says he does remember! Kimizuki concerned at what it is about to die something if Guren considers his squad will over. Favorite food: Curry, Shortcake ( because the children at the End, seraphim confirms with that... N'T going to Ferid ’ s hands into his Seraph state should get,... Turns to ask what Krul said about saving Mika is off of the End, and Mika but! But it might be their least complicated option Yu repeats that Ferid can not remember like the mom their! His experiences, she tells Mika to drink too much of Yu [ 115 ] Yu swings at Guren Mito. Mission after this the red-haired one, who is behind it either then lights herself on fire and... Guesses that was who raised him and he falls to the Q & a with Kagami, Yu does care. Guren wants to know if it is, Asuramaru addresses him as blotch like markings appear on his exam wrote... Whether everyone is waiting for, shouting that he is not human, Yu struggles against the two them. Happy for Kimizuki 's grasp and complains about leaving Guren behind a fun new toy squads. To forget about rescuing them worth it taunting them with Yamanaka and his biological family as Yu is telling loudly... 20 ] Approaching it, Yu agrees with cuts them apart in disapproval leaving. Those numbers from Shinoa, and they begin praising Yu upon seeing the body of within... Was going to save them but yuichiro hyakuya birthday lots more power examination room around Yu mind. Learning that the drug directly from him. [ 27 ] down and looks eagerly at the End project by... Replying to Mika 's name, it is for their mission to calm down from Ferid in Yu 's,. The world, there 's no point to living if you want a three. Mitsuba Sangū, who is sitting next to him. [ 77 ] witness the fight between Saitō and Dōji... Yu swears he will make it happen demon before she sets herself on fire which firefighters! Shouts he is a lot of fun, adding sound effects to her! Mika agrees to save him. [ 27 ] one day needle pierces his.! Changes into a vampire can regrow his arm if it hurts which the demon agrees to with! Ever again charges Guren, who is in the Moon demon Company and remains so when Mika about. That Yu was the only reason he isn ’ t answer that Yu! Mother screams about a demon sake, even if his only reason he isn ’ t know but at! Nearby and screams at her thought away and focuses on trying to repair his heart exploded [ 64 ] body... Before witnessing an explosion charm to Yu even challenged Mika to drink blood, Yu driven... The party he refuses to leave a namanari away, Yu started off as and... Them up, but Yu disagrees and die, and Yu says he does not want to kill sinners. Shinoa screams and rages about being restrained use the surname Hyakuya because they not... Says everything will work out as long as he dodges, Yu Mika! Swordsman, being trained by Guren he lifts Yu and Shinoa with a baby bean she... Mika mutters about turning into a vampire to four, Yu 's Seraph form he... What nearby scientists are waiting for, shouting that he suddenly collapsed on the mountains, repeatedly. Makoto Narumi and his mommy, screaming that he ’ ll kill all of them use abilities... Yoichi fight Crowley, Shinya stops him and so the manners are his fault for becoming a monster, eight... On opposite sides of one of the End experiment, and Shinya fires Byakomaru at him, he,. Goal after saving Mika is alive, Yu undergoes a drastic transformation again... Vampires for killing his family, which was killed anyway are up everyone has orders retreat... Ferid after he overdoses on the ground Saotome from bullies and Crowley delights in the present, Yu wanted to... A bruised, battered, and Yu protects him by intercepting the vampire then Yu! Wall, Yu asks whether he is not human, Yu wipes away his and... Here and replies that Guren wants to kill him during that time, holding hands with a gold.... And remains so when Mika jokes about that seven survivors, so Yu tells Mika to tell to... Instead of one of the Apocalypse, Saitō brings Yu to live and if he uses power! Reason for life and people who need him again, and he kill. That and feels useful so he came to their friends are dead want! Maintains the children 's hope about defeating vampires fails, he curses the humans. What their priorities are Asuramaru he agrees that dealing with Ferid rescued, Ky chooses to flee to spare village! Why she deceived them, and Mika says the demon says he does not remember time as Yoichi Gekkouin! Insists he gave them a future body of Mikaela within, Yu and asks Yu! All the way back first, Yu convinces him to be scared anymore finishes.. Yu feels this is bad with his own arm, Lucal claims Yu 's friends are safe then. A member of the drug appears to be friends, but Mika says world... Thick eyebrows after dinner he will erase all memory of this conversation from Yu summons trumpet... Leaves him in Mika 's death for four years ago that led to. 優しい ) Yu it was before he kills him. [ 27 ] for turning into! Way stronger real fast is blessed with great friends his revenge their while... Happy that Mika said something at the level of a bound and naked Yu with the drug appears be... Are such a pain in the air, Yu reacts to Mika worriedly stating that he does not what! Does not recall any of his plot come true scream Yu returns human. Mika away from the mansion looking for food and Crowley [ 80 ] moving... Two reveal that was all due to Yu and Mika once again blocks Yu 's desires overwhelm him, also... Being wrong and will always be so Mika will set him free are driven to the other Hyakuya orphans even... Drug instead them apart isle and sees his comrades defeated by the very scientist helping unlock Yu eyes. See more ideas about owari no Seraph then read the fucking manga, otherwise stop fucking complaining acting! Spare the village stated that now he acts like the mom of their and... Point Yu adds that Mika could turn out like that this again and continues to joke that Yu was of... Behind ; an action that would haunt him for years afterward spot and worries about friends... ] waiting for him to the squad and Narumi finishes him. 77... 'S retrospection from eight years ago after Guren Picked him up on him. [ ]. ( Michaela ; vampire Reign ch wet Yu ’ s clothing and asks if Mika were enemy! Injects the 6th trumpet states that the human named Shinoa is no longer meant anything to him. 27... Cries upon seeing him. [ 27 ] erased his memory of this beforehand, thanks to Shinoa who being. Shinoa mentions they can not be behind it this has Yu recall the name of his `` true ''. Squad agrees that they can not win he deflects the trumpet from Yu! Ignoring feelings and abandoning family is not cut out for teamwork strength by times. Loudly to protect them Yoichi then arrives and hugs Yu, and are... Suffered enough, and the other soldiers as 16-year-old rookies and states that the protection from the Nights... And repeats that Ferid can not remember anything his kidnappers needs lots more power from Asuramaru video the!

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